Who participated in the public consultation for SGR construction through NNP’s southern boundaries?


NNP wildlife communities were summoned to Kenya Railway Corporation yesterday, Wednesday 17th August. The meeting revealed that SGR implementation through NNP is already perceived as a fact by government and Chinese developing agencies.

As seen on national news channels last Sunday, the wildlife communities bordering the southern boundaries of NNP have been immensely active in creating awareness of their confusion with ongoing mapping and pegging activities around and in the Nairobi National park as well as their concern to be biased as stakeholders in any related environmental impact assessments to have SGR run through the park or bordering properties.

This concern became even more pressing as a meeting with KRC held yesterday, 17th August 2016 at KRC headquarters revealed that the plan to have SGR run through the park was considered a done deal. The communities were further summoned to step back from their futile opposition.

We thoroughly wonder how the park route can be considered a done deal!

The Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013 states that any proponent conducting an activity of character likely to impact on the environment to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment before financing (and implementing!!) such project.

Further THE ENVIRONMENTAL (IMPACT ASSESSMENT AND AUDIT) REGULATIONS, 2003 which regulate the steps to be followed when conducting an environmental impact assessment stipulate that ‘during the process of conducting an environmental impact assessment study the proponent shall in consultation with the Authority, seek the views of persons who may be affected by the project’.

In the context of degrading a dedicated wildlife conservation area, in fact a national wildlife heritage, it is safe to say that at least the directly neighbouring communities will be affected by the project and should be (or have been) consulted, if not all inhabitants of the larger Nairobi or Kenyan citizens or even all those who benefited or will benefit from Nairobi National Park across the world.

Whilst the deal is done as expressed by KRC we know of no public consultation to date with regard to the SGR project through the southern boundaries of the Nairobi National Park.

In this context we appeal again to have your say and vote against this project! It cannot be a DONE DEAL!


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