Vote now to save Nairobi National Park, we need more thrust to create a lasting impact!

Your overwhelming support – thousands of voices from 108 countries on 6 continents – and vibrant feedback to date has helped this initiative take root and has extremely motivated the very few that we are to relentlessly carry on with creating awareness of the careless and dubious proceedings bringing Nairobi National Park to fall.

But we need at least a thousand fold more voices to create a noticeable impact!


“Unless there is some kind of mass action in the streets, we were told as we approached international media houses in the past week, the headline will not pick ..”

We all know what mass actions in the ‘streets’ of Kenya can turn into – this is not an option.

The numbers we need to achieve sound overwhelming but can be achieved!

If pokémon can conquer our hearts, why do we need violence in our streets to achieve the awareness we need to protect our immediate (vs. artificial) reality and heritage!

If all of you keep posting and reach 10 or more other connections in your social networks and countries with the same appeal, we can make it.

Nairobi National Park must not die – please continue to take action and become part of a sensible and peaceful movement to save the blue print of protecting our wildlife heritage in Kenya and Africa as whole!

Let’s take this action to another level before it is too late!

Please share.

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2 Responses to Vote now to save Nairobi National Park, we need more thrust to create a lasting impact!

  1. Mabuyah Raphael says:

    Am in support of this.


  2. David kipchoge says:

    This is the only national park in the middle of the city in the world… Let us conserve it because it’s our heritage. Its also air conditioning system to the city pollution… I hereby second preservation of the same.


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