GoK’s committment to wildlife conservation is 18m high, 6 kms long and cutting straight through the middle of Nairobi National Park!

A briefing for the conservation fraternity on the proposed routing options for SGR II held last Wednesday at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources revealed that the modified Savannah route cutting through the middle of the park is the Gouvernment of Kenya’s (GoK) preferred option for SGR Phase II. This option cuts straight through the middle of the park from the northern gate, exiting in the south at Tuala in Kajiado County. The 6 km stretch through the park will be erected on a 18m high single line bridge. Construction in the park is estimated to take 18 months with a project commencement date set for 26th September 2016.

View presented SGR routes through the Nairobi National Park here

It was also reported that Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) had not only proposed this route as a preferred option but had also already approved it! Interesting to note: KWS did not attend the meeting…

How can the same authority, whose mandate it is to uphold Kenya’s strict environmental and wildlife laws propose, let alone approve such an annihilating pressure on the wildlife in NNP. One needs to cry faul! And once more, even louder this time, as one learns that the planned proceedings foresee that the President launches SGR II with the approved route and only thereafter would the respective EIA be undertaken and the public invited for stakeholder engagement!!

Now is the time to act!
Vote and express your opinion on the mutilation of Nairobi National Park, please DO IT NOW – what a Wold Heritage will GoK leave when they’re done with it!


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