“Killing the goose that lays golden egg” says CAK on SGR passing through NNP

Courtesy of African Escape

Courtesy of African Escape

The Conservation Alliance of Kenya (CAK) issued a rallying cry to the Kenyan public, its members, partners and its supporters during a press conference held on 22nd Thursday 2016, to combine efforts and save the Nairobi National Park (NNP) from the SGR project that will cut right through the middle of the park end to end.

CAK which represents over 50 NGOs that have invested heavily in the biodiversity conservation, scientific research, community and livelihood development in Kenya. They pointed out that, it had tried to engage with Kenya railways Corporation (KRC) and KWS since November 2015 so as to understand the route options they were considering and offer technical input regarding SGR-Phase 2. Their move has not succeeded since their follow up letters have gone unanswered.

They added that they were invited for a meeting on August 17th 2016 to the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resource offices to rubber stamp the SGR Phase 2 route which had already been determined by KRC and it was to be launched in due time.

The alliance categorically stated that it was not against the SGR and even highlighted it as an important project in the country that will drive the growth of our economy, but however raised their concern over the manner in which the decision for Phase 2 route had been arrived at. CAK noted that both the ministry and KRC ought to have put into consideration the following measures before settling on a route;

  • Engagement between stakeholders and the KRC.
  • Providing information on the feasibility studies with the economic, ecological and other arguments that informed the decision.
  • Stakeholders should have been given time for assessment

Read more: CAK Press Release on SGR

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