KRC issues hasty Public Consultation Meetings to counter pressure from the conservationists.


The Kenya Railways Corporation has invited all the stakeholders along the SGR alignment between Nairobi south station, through Nairobi National Park, Tuala area to Dukamoja for a consultation meeting that will be about the Nairobi-Naivasha-Suswa SGR project.

The concerned stakeholders will discuss matters such as project description, SGR alignment, environmental impacts and any other issues that will arise. Questions about the SGR will be answered by Habitat Planners who are the ESIA consultants and the contractor China Communications and Construction Company who will be the facilitators of the meeting.

Public Consultation Meetings

Public Consultation Meetings

Read more here: Public Consultation Meetings

The meetings however, have been issued on extremely short notice (letter dated 19th – arrived 21st – first hearing 22nd) which is a typical way for KRC, Chinese contractors and other development officials to try and outmaneuver the public.

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