“NEMA hasn’t approved!” Conservationists and Activists turn the heat up on KWS

Protestors at Galleria shopping mall on Friday morning

Protestors at Galleria shopping mall on Friday morning

Led by the Kenya Coalition for Wildlife Conservation Management, citizens of Kenya and non-citizens marched with banners from Galleria Mall to KWS Headquarters in Nairobi, to hand over a petition to KWS Chairman Dr. Richard Leakey, that is against the construction of the SGR through Nairobi National Park.

The Maasai communities, some of whom reside around the park cited that they gave up their land for Nairobi National Park to support wildlife conservation and not for infrastructure development, like the SGR. They added that, they were not against infrastructural development in general but against the SGR passing through the park, whilst there are good alternatives.

Read more: (http://bigstory.ap.org/ac2554ef8b2944ffa71e04daaf8c2009)

The conservationists also insisted that KRC did not secure the approval from NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) as specified by law and that a thorough assessment on the environmental and social impact the SGR would have is still due.

The petition was handed over to KWS Director General, Kitili Mbathi, who in return invited the protesters to bring their alternative proposals and mitigation factors for further discussions.

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