The struggle continues as conservationist stand firm against SGR passing through NNP

KTN Morning Express

KTN Morning Express

The Chair of Kenya Coalition for Wildlife Conservation and Management Sydney Quntai together with Kahindi Lekalhaile who is the Director of Public Affairs at Africa Network for Wildlife Welfare, were interviewed today morning on matters regarding the effects of the SGR passing through NNP.

They insisted that the Environment Impact Assessment should have been done prior to commencing construction.

The impacts Kahindi stated were as follows:

  1. SGR in the park will cause disturbance to the animals’ movement and migration
  2. The materials brought into the park to construct the 18metre pillars will introduce alien species which will compete with the plants that the animals depend on
  3. The animals will leave the park during construction and this will increase human-wildlife conflict in the residential areas. This doesn’t give certainty that the animals will come back.
  4. NNP is a tourist attraction site for being a true wildlife area within a capital city and it gives our country a good image. SGR will be a risk to the site.

Kahindi added that the government ought to be responsible developers and avoid mishandling the few conservation areas our country has. According to the Wildlife Act, NNP should have a management plan which is the blue print for managing a wildlife protected area.

They announced that there will be another protest taking place on Saturday 1st of October where they will march from Mwea to where the Phase 2 is set to begin in an attempt to show Kenyans the effects the SGR will have on the park.

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