Conservationists give Leakey 7 days to resign for backing SGR to cut through park


KWS Chairman Richard Leakey

KWS Chairman Richard Leakey

Conservationists have criticized KWS chairman Richard Leakey for supporting construction of the SGR through the Nairobi National Park. They have given Leakey seven days to resign or “face citizens’ eviction or court action”.
Communities living with wildlife and conservationists said Leakey has failed to uphold the sanctity of protected areas and by extension all wildlife dispersal areas.

This comes amid disquiet at the Kenya Wildlife Service against Leakey for what employees termed “attempts to micromanage the service and usurp powers that should only be exercised by the KWS director general”.
David Osoi said in a press meeting convened by the Kenya Coalition for Wildlife Conservation and Management: “Since his reappointment, the parastatal has experienced some of the highest demoralisation in the organisation’s history. This state of affairs is a bigger threat to the wildlife and protected areas than poaching.”

“Leakey has not injected any new big ideas for revamping and promoting wildlife conservation through controlling human-wildlife conflict, park encroachment, rampant bush meat poaching commonplace in and around National parks and reserves,” Kahindi Lekalhaile from the African Network for Animal Welfare said.

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