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2016-09-23 05:43:53 Vanessa Favero, American
This park is truly a world treasure and must be protected for future generations.

2016-09-23 04:42:35 Akeem Kamau, British
It would be a disaster to continue with the decimation of natural reserves for obvious reasons

2016-09-23 04:34:39 William Mollah, Kenyan
Why and How was this decision made with speaking with us – the stakeholders. Was any research done to find out how Kenyans would feel, about this issue. This is our heritage and it is ONE THING THAT MAKES NAIROBI CITY UNIQUELY DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CITIES OF THE WORLD. This should not happen. I appeal to our president Uhuru Kenyatta and our Parliament to stop this and look for an alternative route. I feel strongly as a Kenyan citizen that An alternative route should be looked for. Please , Please Mr. President, look for an alternative route. Do not allow our heritage and pride to be destroyed. Thanks. Mollah

2016-09-23 04:16:51 Karen Cobb, English
How much more of this planet do humans need. We must learn to live with wildlife, because without wildlife and trees we are dead.

2016-09-23 04:15:41 JULIUS OGAYO, Kenyan

2016-09-23 03:31:32 Nirav Shah, Kenyan
The Nairobi national park is the first official national park in Kenya. It’s beauty and perfect habitat for species of animals has made a spectacular unique place that no other city can offer you in the world. We can not let the SGR cut through the park it will destroy the beauty, they only need to spend a little more money to divert the SGR on another route. It’s will be a benefit to park as it will remain undestructed and many of us can appreciate the peacefulness it brings to us all with the hectic Nairobi life.
Think about countries like Canada and Norway in the spectacular manner in which they are preserving their environment, they keep that as a priority before thinking about a development project. They are one of the highest grossing countries for preserving the natural environment.
If we are to reach vision 2030 we need to stand out about and not let our development and growth effect the Nairobi national park or any national park for that matter. The park is one of the best places for a family bonding day trip. We can’t allow stones and metal rails destroy the most beautiful part of Nairobi.

2016-09-23 01:37:01 Duke Nyachienga, Kenyan

2016-09-23 01:33:46 Zacharia Bosire, Kenyan
What the government is doing is very wrong. We will lose our pride in the name of economic development. They can find another route for the SGR construction. It’s not rocket science.

2016-09-23 01:20:46 Nick Manani, Kenyan
Sign a memorandum to protect the park for the next 1000 years

2016-09-23 01:19:33 Ngure waMwachofi, Kenyan
Your last line “Please inform me on: is cage, should offer explicit clarity like “Please keep me updated via (and the specify various mode such as phone, email …

2016-09-23 01:14:32 Paul Andago, Kenyan
Let’s preserve our heritage

2016-09-23 01:09:16 Colin Mwang’ombe, Kenyan
Good work.

2016-09-23 01:05:42 Phillip Black, USA
Although population pressures make consideration to develop part or all of the park Kenya will will be glad or they choose to keep the park and make it a world heritage site. Looking forward twenty or fifty years they will be applauded for being true visionaries.

2016-09-23 01:03:47 Lee Weche, Kenyan
Total bullshit!!! Save the national park!

2016-09-23 00:28:35 Christine Nyangweso, Kenyan
I am developing a research topic on Nairobi N p and the public views

2016-09-22 23:28:41 Lisa Marsden, South African
It’s enough of corrupt and greedy African Governments destroying and pillaging national assets in order to line their deepnpockets. Having visited the Nairobi National Park, it would be a tragedy if it were destroyed for the sake of a railway line. When it’s gone. It’s gone

2016-09-22 23:24:43 Ann Taieth, Norwegian
The Park must be saved for the World’s future and for Kenya’s animals

2016-09-22 22:57:14 Terri Halle, American
If we don’t save the animals NOW . . . WHEN? There is very little time left to make a difference, before they all are lost and gone forever. Do The Right Thing – For The Animals!

2016-09-22 22:17:56 Taryn Haynes, Botswana
The greatest threat to earth is humans – lets stop being selfish and allow the animals to roam on the land that they lived on before we over populated the earth.

2016-09-22 20:50:04 Steve Funnell, Australian
Keep up the protest

2016-09-22 17:55:36 Cara Alderson, American
Wildlife areas must be preserved and protected. We cannot let China pave paradise or pollute pristine areas in Africa or poach the wildlife into extinction. Your GDP depends on tourism dollars. Don’t be in the wrong end of a boycott of tourism based in bad decisions that affect wildlife and their habitats, even in the circumstance of human conflict we must save the wildlife.

2016-09-22 16:19:42 Jerri Hatch, American
Please save NNP and all its wildlife! It’s your heritage. Preserve it and cherish it!

2016-09-22 15:28:24 Dorelle Downes, British
The Nairobi National Park is one of the most iconic wildlife parks in the world! It is famous worldwide as one if the best places to visit for access to nearly every kind of animal one would want to see – and safely! It needs to be protected for future generations. Once the Chinese workers enter the park, the animals will no longer be protected – either inside the park or from escaping (& endangering Nairobi citizens) as has already been proved!

2016-09-22 15:11:42 Ratna Hirani, Kenyan

2016-09-22 15:08:38 Denise Rochon, Canadian
Thank you for your precious help!

2016-09-22 15:00:02 Sameer Karkal, United Arab Emirates
Let’s all together get United and save the national park for future generations

2016-09-22 14:55:18 John Cowan, CANADIAN
Is this proposal good for the economy and Kenyans in General?

2016-09-22 14:05:59 Suzie Allwork, Kenyan
Please please protect this precious, unique
park which should be 100% become a world heritage sight!

2016-09-22 13:46:14 Karen Sams, United States 
Some people are too damn STUPID !!!

2016-09-22 13:35:32 Donna Wiedrich, American
I have been to Kenya and Nairobi many times and have spent thousands of dollars in your country. I think you are making a huge mistake if you allow this SGR through NNP. Your wildlife, your people, and your heritage deserve better.

2016-09-22 13:26:19 Peter J Perry, USA
I grew up in Nairobi, and the NNP was an integral part of Nairobi life. It was an important part of Nairobi (and Kenya’s) cultural heritage then, and remains even more so today. It should not be diminished in any way, neither physically or emotionally. NNP should be fully protected and preserved.

2016-09-22 13:20:30 Husseins, Kenyan
Nairobi n park is the lung of Nairobi city…

2016-09-22 12:42:20 Sandra Lopez, Swedish
I lived in Nairobi for one year and the national park is very much needed. One of the beauties with Nairobi is how animals and humans live side by side, let it stay that way.

2016-09-22 12:14:08 danielle rubens, belgian
The Kenyan wildlife has to be respected and protected , To much space has already ben taken away from the wildlife , corridors destroyed , habitat stolen . The nation park has to be protected , NO to any infrastructure

2016-09-22 12:05:29 Romy Overstreet, American
It would be a tragedy if this park were to disappear! Nairobi must do all it can to save this unique treasure! It must be saved for all that it offers to locals and tourists

2016-09-22 11:59:30 Abbie Sherwood, Canadian
Leave their space alone!

2016-09-22 11:49:04 Katya Harris, German
Please save the park. What’s another railways when the animals are gone

2016-09-22 11:45:43 Rose Miyonga, Kenyan
Nairobi National Park is a unique and important area that must be protected.

2016-09-22 10:50:21 Linda Salvi, USA
I had a chance to visit Nairobi national park earlier this year and was amazed and awestruck by its majesty. Please protect the park.

2016-09-22 10:11:24 Dorothy Scanlan, USA
African in my heart We MUST keep our few remaining wild places wild! They are irreplaceable Earth’s treasures.

2016-09-22 10:02:23 Pat Klein, USA
This construction is not good for Kenya. Stop inviting the Chinese into your country.
They are poachers of wildlife and your economy.
2016-09-22 09:41:26 Jonathan Remple, American
Save this park!

2016-09-22 09:02:33 Ali Willett, Kenyan
born The Kenyan government need to realize the true value of NNP and forget the shallow short term value of development which will end up in some greedy pockets of corrupt and disloyal fat cats.

2016-09-22 09:01:32 Linzi Nolan, Kenyan
Well done for your very professional efforts. It is so great that as Kenyans as a whole we are looking out for our country and we will defy those few fat cats the minority!

2016-09-22 08:49:25 James T, American
Don’t f*** s*** up. Cheers!

2016-09-22 08:48:42 Neil Cave, South African
Don’t get rid of the one thing that makes Nairobi so special

2016-09-22 08:37:23 Joannah Stutchbury , Kenyan
This just cant happen……….

2016-09-22 08:35:14 Don . Other
It’s only one step from here to a full land grab.

2016-09-22 08:30:14 Nikita Vohora, Kenyan

2016-09-22 05:41:34 Sneha Patel, Kenyan
It’s truly a sad state of affairs that we have to petition to save our heritage.
Nairobi National Park is the only park in the world within a capital city – why are we hellbent on destroying everything that is not man-made on this planet! SHAME ON US!

2016-09-22 05:40:53 Diane Vinaccia, Italian
Keep Nairobi National Park where it should stay! The capital of Nairobi is very unique of having a National Park in the city! Do not destroy Nairobi National Park. My voice is with you and always Nairobi National Park

2016-09-22 05:03:48 Kena Shah, Kenyan
Conservation should be a priority to our tourism industry

2016-09-22 04:57:38 Selina Galbraith, United Kingdom
This would be a crime and a sin to build on this beautiful preserved area!!! Other countries don’t have such natural wonders and to build on it would be a disaster!!! Please treasure and preserve it!!!

2016-09-22 04:46:47 Karim Iliya, USA
This will heavily impact my decision to come back to Nairobi in the years to come.

2016-09-22 04:42:26 Cadia Chen, Kenyan
Thank you for this opportunity to oppose the building of the railway through the national park. I had lost hope that the decision had already been made.
Tell me where and when to be if faces must be seen. Tell me what else I can do to show support. The future of our country is in protecting the indigenous land that remains. Development can continue in places already disturbed – responsible development that is -if we can understand such a thing.
Asante, Cadia

2016-09-22 04:38:55 Adrian Bennett, Britiah
The park must be saved it is so amazing

2016-09-22 04:33:27 lorien chen, Kenyan
Thanks for the option of the ‘people’s opinion’ for a change, for a better change!

2016-09-22 02:22:10 Dr Kenneth Omondi Ochieng, Kenyan
Kenya Railway has enough land all over the country no need to take over the National Heritage Nairobi National Park

2016-09-22 02:03:01 Clairek Wiberg, Kenyan
“This park is unique and puts nairobi on the world map.
Don’t destroy it.”

2016-09-22 02:00:28 Megan Best, USA
The conservation implications (although obvious) should not be the only concern here. Considering how important tourism is for the Kenyan economy, how many people will protest this action? How many trips will be cancelled, how much revenue lost, how many jobs will be nonexistent, if the country’s already dwindling tourism business is adversely impacted further? A government’s job is to serve their citizens, using knowledge, experience, and opportunity as a means to achieve optimum standards of living for their constituents. If those overseeing this action will not have a heart for the animals affected by the railroad, they should at least have a heart for the Kenyan citizens who will undoubtedly lose their livelihoods should such an endeavor come to fruition.

2016-09-21 23:50:46 Pippa Strong, Kenyan
Don’t kill the park you greedy politicians!!!!

2016-09-21 23:40:08 Tabitha Totten, American
Let’s protect all of our wildlife!

2016-09-21 22:25:48 Grace Githiora, Kenyan
Am so grateful that this is going global. I would like it to stop not only for but also for the generation to come. Well done

2016-09-21 20:09:21 Karin Kagan, American
“Protect the park! please save the park!”

2016-09-21 19:51:17 Suhani Shah, Kenyan
A wonder of Kenya and Nairobi…. this cannot be destroyed

2016-09-21 17:56:05 Dave Southwood, BRITISH
i think it would be a shame for the park to go as its the only true national park in a city. then when its gone its gone, and then you will have the urban sprawl, I will then never visit Nairobi again.

2016-09-21 16:00:59 Heer Raja, Kenyan
The park as a park is worth more than any development. Preserve it.

2016-09-21 15:51:29 Ferina Keshavjee, Kenyan
Please know there is a lot of support for saving NNP. Let us stand united.

2016-09-21 14:55:47 AnneMarie Azijn, Belgian
Please keep something beautiful for foreigners to come and visit your country!

2016-09-21 14:26:45 Greg Cummings, Canadian
My first and everlasting game park, and what makes Nairobi unique among Africa’s capital cities

2016-09-21 10:07:11 Marcus Goldson, British
If a lot more money has to be spent routing the track around the park, then do it. There has to be long term planning. Nairobi is already chaotic. The park remaining untouched is one of the last things that Nairobi has going for it. I grew up there in the early eighties- and I see it now! Keep the park for the animals and the people!

2016-09-21 10:06:49 Lulu Roy, Kenyan
All illegal land grabbing of our National public property

2016-09-21 09:38:07 Hugh Goldson, Australian
As a child growing up in Kenya, every Christmas Day we went to Nairobi national park to share the day with friends and family! This place is and was a part of my life! This place was and still is, and still can be a part of Nairobi’s life! Don’t be absolute, inconsiderate fools. Keep the park!!

2016-09-21 07:24:35 Nikolai Mynhardt, RSA
I was in the park 3 weeks ago and the railway is like a disease creeping through this pristine piece of earth we have managed to protect for all these years.

2016-09-21 05:30:25 Holly Robson, South Africa
We need to protect the beauty of this planet – well what’s left of it. Too much destruction in this world.

2016-09-21 05:14:30 Lexi Bosman, South Africa
I fully support this petition and am totally against any/all building in that area!

2016-09-19 09:04:44 Martijn Denecker, Belgian
Go for the more expensive way that saves and builds your future.

2016-09-17 10:53:03 Faria Chelimo, Kenyan
Let’s save our heritage!!!

2016-09-14 13:17:33 Mahmud Jan Mohamed, Kenyan
Future generations of Kenyans will never forgive us for allowing the Rape of this amazing natural resource.

2016-09-14 13:05:30 Tanya Juttla, BRITISHĖ
Save this park

2016-09-08 08:05:30 Sushil Chauhan, Kenyan

2016-09-05 07:39:46 Michela Consiglio, Italian
My house and many more are close to Tuala…if they continue with this plan, not only the park will be destroyed, so are the houses and dreams of many people like me. 😦

2016-09-01 18:39:44 Gwen Thomas, American
Nairobi National Park is a treasure. Please don’t sacrifice it to development.

2016-09-01 13:22:31 Carole Richmond, U.S./French
We must save all of the wild lands and wildlife that remains!!!

2016-09-01 10:51:16 Katherine Watson, American
Please save the Nairobi Park!

2016-09-01 09:56:47 Jane Stanley, Canada
NNP is the jewel in Kenya’s crown. Keep it. Nurture it. Take pride in it.

2016-09-01 09:13:36 Mike Rainy, America
The Great City of Nairobi is Richer and Stronger and More Beautiful with a Vibrant Protected Nairobi National Park and a near neighbor.

2016-09-01 07:26:04 Cleopatra E. A. Mbeo, Kenyan
Thank you for taking up this cause hatched by hungry land grabbers without a care in the world for the future of their country.

2016-09-01 06:02:22 RUSSELL NICK, Kenyan
Suspect the claws of greed are digging deeply into this prime piece of real estate. Yes, we must fight it – even if maybe for the wrong reasons.

2016-09-01 04:48:22 Jill Chiappini, English
Great memories of spending Sundays in the park as a child growing up in Kenya. It’s a little piece of heaven and must be saved for our future generations.

2016-09-01 04:47:20 Christina Aarts, Swedish
Save The Nairobi national park

2016-09-01 00:36:36 Stacey, Kwamboka
Kenyan Every Kenyan needs to stand up, raise their voice and support the Nairobi National Park! It’s something not worth losing through such means….rather not worth losing at all.

2016-08-31 17:58:55 Dan Baschiera, Australian
As a child/teenager growing up in E.Africa I loved Nairobi National Park, It is a great asset

2016-08-31 14:10:24 Tania Robinson, British
To see the images of the urban sprawl as a backdrop to this abundantly wild and stunning landscape is beyond horrendous. This part of the world must be saved and protected to maintain what dwindling large wildlife we have left on this planet.

2016-08-31 09:33:38 Kate Bloor, USA
It would be a tragedy to destroy Nairobi National Park. It is a treasure to Nairobi, to Kenya and to the world. Once it is gone,it is gone and everyone and every animals loses forever.

2016-08-31 09:18:53 Huzefa Haji, Kenyan
The construction of anything in the park is a definite NO!

2016-08-31 06:26:53 Clive Evans, British
Constructive opposition for the best of the country is paramount. There may be a reason to relinquish some park to help the general public transportation regards clive

2016-08-31 03:54:29 Tamara Britten, British
NNP is crucial to Kenya. No other country has a national park in its capital city. Nairobi is currently booming in conferencing. While attending a conference many delegates visit the park. This might lead to them returning with their families and friends another year and can lead directly to an increase in tourism for Kenya

2016-08-31 01:47:45 Esme van Niekerk, South African
I am a South African currently residing in beautiful Kenya. This is such a magical country and the unique Nairobi National Park is part of the magic. Please protect it along with all your other incredible wildlife areas.

2016-08-30 23:35:06 Edwin Chege, Kenyan
Simply put, The Nairobi National Park is one of its kind. We need to conserve it as part of our heritage and also for its other socioeconomic advantages

2016-08-30 13:50:57 Michael Leith Smith, British
Keep me informed

2016-08-30 11:18:35 Hugh Liinnet, South African
Lived in Kenya for 50 years & spent many happy hours there .

2016-08-30 10:56:23 Joss Antoine, Kenyan
This is a must please sign

2016-08-30 03:31:23 Megan Gaoso, British
Please please save the park such an amazing ecosystem would be lost forever

2016-08-30 02:54:58 Heather Tarrant, British
Having lived in Kenya I know how beautiful and unique Nairobi National Park is. It must be saved!

2016-08-30 01:43:50 Rose Clayton, British
Save the park

2016-08-29 13:26:43 Joan Adamson, British
We the human race have destroyed too many wildlife habitats; we are responsible for the deaths of too many animals; we forget that the planet belongs to every living creature on it, it is not the property of the human race. It is time we showed respect and compassion for all of earth’s inhabitants.

2016-08-29 11:19:57 Daisy Chepkorir, Kenyan
This disruption of the park should stop asap!!!!!!#

2016-08-29 10:24:07 Cj Talbot, USA
Kitengela glass must not be railroaded.

2016-08-29 05:41:22 Chichi Towett, Kenyan
Human encroachment needs to be controlled and eventually stopped. We need to share more information on encroachment to educate on the fatal effects destabilising these ecosystems will have.

2016-08-29 04:10:35 tony ing’a, Kenyan
This is hideous!

2016-08-29 00:20:16 Susan Swain, Australian
This is a major revenue-earner for Kenya. Why would you want to stop such a good money-earner for the wanachi and a natural preserve for the game? We lived in Kenya for 7 years and visited the park several times a year. Don’t deprive others of that experience!

2016-08-28 22:53:16 Tara DeVeau, American
Please save all wild places.

2016-08-28 21:56:52 Kay Jacobsob, American
I have visited this fabulous park. It and all the wildlife in it needs to be spared from any development. Please add it to the World Heritage list and preserve it for the world.

2016-08-28 21:12:26 Heidi Davison, American
I visited Kenya a few years ago and know of its beauty and splendor as well as its unique characteristics, unlike any others in the world. What a terrible loss it would be for the park to be damaged by a railway. The park and its environment need strong stewardship to ensure its legacy remains.

2016-08-28 20:39:06 Jodie Cooper, Australian
Please please don’t build the rail. Secure this place for the precious animals.

2016-08-28 20:15:24 Sumary Vizcarra, Brazil
The animals need all the help and support !!

2016-08-28 20:12:36 Sumary Vizcarra, Brazil
Please, preserve the animals!! All of them need us.

2016-08-28 08:51:44 Meshack Omondi, Kenyan
Save the Nairobi National Park.

2016-08-28 05:05:59 Koikai Oloitiptip, Kenyan
Apparently there is determination to circumvent the rule of law! There is misleading information that Environmental Impact Assessment can be done after the launch of the project which is factually not true and has the potential to embarrass the President and Kenya as a country with no respect for its laws and its own constitution!

2016-08-28 05:05:29 Vivienne Hill, British / Australian
We all have the right and responsibility to speak in defence of nature globally. We need to stand up for the green spaces and the animals. The Earth needs advocates against one-eyed decisions like this! I am standing up as an advocate.

2016-08-28 03:46:40 Clive Ward, British
Keep the pressure on. Heritage is too easily lost through short sighted politicians and greed.

2016-08-28 03:41:52 Abdi Ali Aden, Kenyan
Interference with or damage of the Nairobi National Park(NNP) should be stopped! Can our President show care and understanding and halt the assault on NNP?

2016-08-28 02:40:39 Makini Maluki, Kenyan
Leave NNP alone for f*** sake!!

2016-08-27 23:42:32 Ann Young, American
Please do not put the railroad through this park! It is a city treasure, a national treasure and a world treasure. There are other routes for the train. Please! It will be worth saving the land in tact for children and grandchildren and on and on. Places like this park are very precious and becoming more precious all the time. May the decision makers in this case be given wisdom and vision.

2016-08-27 20:10:52 Ben Amollo, Kenyan
Let’s protect Nairobi National Park

2016-08-27 18:07:22 Leeta Cornish, Australian
I have just returned from Kenya and the reason I chose this destination is because you are protecting your animals and environment. Please continue to do so.

2016-08-27 17:55:29 Meha Kumar, Kenyan
We must become less selfish and value what has been existing long before us!

2016-08-27 16:13:21 Jacqueline Hughes, British
I love the Nairobi national park. I spent many hours there as a child. Such happy happy memories x

2016-08-27 16:12:50 Debra Watson, Caucasian
Don’t deface sacred land.

2016-08-27 16:00:47 Elizabeth OHara, US
You have such little precious green space left, SAVE THE PARK!

2016-08-27 15:48:17 Kreemer Shah, Kenyan
I think the SGR MUST go on….just NOT THROUGH OUR PARK!

2016-08-27 14:14:29 Darren Collins, American
This could easily be phase one of complete city encroachment on this amazing place.

2016-08-27 14:13:32 Darren Collins, American
This could easily be phase one of complete city encroachment on this amazing place.

2016-08-27 13:55:20 Simon Keegan, Kenyan/Irish
Keep up the good work!

2016-08-27 13:52:01 Evelyn Hazzard, Canada
How can you want to destroy your gorgeous park & sanctuary for your wonderful animals? That’s insane!

2016-08-27 13:27:05 Damaris Muga, Kenyan
I live right next to the park, my home is under threat too.

2016-08-27 12:58:27 Seth Larmer, US
Wildlife is all the progress civilization really needs.
2016-08-27 12:11:24 William Perry, USA
We must protect this wonderful Park!-️?˜?˜

2016-08-27 11:31:42 Floor Grootenhuis, Kenyan
This is a relatively small piece of land that holds so much for the future of Kenya and the connection to the indispensible nature – an experience for city dwellers to connect to the source of life. For your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations to come!

2016-08-27 11:21:32 m.l. boleij, uk
The park is unique and we must make sure the next generation is be able to enjoy its abundant wildlife and its varied natural environments like we are doing now. The railway can be somewhere else not through the middle of the park. Let us preserve this natural resource. How can Kenya be at the forefront of world conservation if we allow this to happen?

2016-08-27 11:17:53 Michael Tremblay, Canadian
I used to live in Nairobi and loved visiting the NNP. Please preserve ALL of it!

2016-08-27 10:53:56 Sonia Gilbett, Italy
Please please stop

2016-08-27 10:47:25 Eleanor Thompson, British
Because of such drastic decline in no.s the Nairobi National Park is vital to keep. It sustains Kenya as a whole as all visitors want to see all the animals which only live in Africa. If construction happens in the park, all the protected wild-life will be killed. Poaching will be made more easy. Kenya is not doing well. Please do not let it die!

2016-08-27 10:04:57 Tisha Wardlow, USA
As a visitor to Kenya, the treasure of the country’s wildlife is vastly important to me. There is no other place like it, and it is critical to do everything possible to preserve it.

2016-08-27 08:20:00 Alex Muli, Kenyan
Stop new developments the park has had enough

2016-08-27 08:07:38 Wendy Harris, Australian
Having lived in Kenya for many years I find it very irresponsible of any government to allow any form of destruction to natural wildlife parks in Kenya or anywhere for that matter. It is our duty as humans to support nature for future generations, not destroy it.

2016-08-27 08:01:39 JAMES KIPTEREM, Kenyan
It is duty of all world people to conserve this innocent nature to meet both today and future generation.

2016-08-27 07:08:00 David Monk, British
In my 12 years in Kenya Nairobi National Park was seen as a National Treasure – please keep this for future generations.

2016-08-27 05:04:46 Caroline Clegg, Uk
I have been to this wonderful park many times and you have done a remarkable job of preserving it so far, please save it for all time.

2016-08-27 04:55:05 Chris Roberts, UK
Please protect this wonderful park for your and my great grand children, thank you!

2016-08-23 04:59:12 Diana Sheridan, British
This park must be protected against any encroachment from development, to protect the unique environment & its wildlife inhabitants: tourism from those wishing to see & enjoy this beautiful place, will bring in income so that there will be zero cost to the Government for its upkeep.

2016-08-23 04:58:01 Samuel Kulecho, Kenyan
Solidly behind you on this campaign. Go go go! I stand with what Wangare Mathai would have, were she alive today

2016-08-23 04:29:51 Clay Thorman, Swedish
As a former Kenyan resident I strongly disapprove of any construction or exploration work in Nairobi national park or any other national park. This heritage must be saved for the future!

2016-08-23 03:29:52 Irene Wariara, Kenyan
Let us apply wisdom….. you can’t battle with nature.

2016-08-23 03:16:20 charles Orido, Kenyan
This should stop as soon as yesterday.

2016-08-23 03:09:28 Chris Trench, Eire
Protect this wilderness, for the sake of humanity

2016-08-23 02:51:28 James Wahome, Kenyan
It is devastating that we have completely lost the path towards a sustainable environment. The government has done very little in terms of ensuring that our environment is protected to sustain Kenya’s future. We rely 100% on the natural resources for everything that we use in our daily lives. It is my belief that we must ensure our sustainability first and then progress with the business of development, not the other way around. SGR is not pro development, it is a project that has not been well thought through, and it will have a lasting negative economic impact on our nation. It must not be allowed to take down our natural resources as well, resources that have earned us far much more revenue over the years should you derive the PV of those incomes today.

2016-08-23 02:40:08 Laiba Amara, Kenyan
Save our park from land grabbers

2016-08-23 02:38:34 SADIA NOHREEN, Kenyan
Save our pride

2016-08-23 02:34:47 Asjad Omar, Kenyan
Nairobi National Park is the lungs of Nairobians and is our pride and heritage we have to save it from the hands of land grabbers

2016-08-23 02:33:41 Martha Kamau, Kenyan
My heart bleeds thinking of this… this is the last act towards selling off our beautiful Kenya.

2016-08-23 02:22:00 Annemarie Fox, British
I grew up in Nairobi and spent a great deal of time in the Park. It is wonderful to have such an amazing and beautiful place on the doorstep of a city, particularly for the residents to enjoy. These places are becoming more and more threatened by development. I sincerely hope the value of this unique place will be recognized and it will be protected.

2016-08-23 02:05:15 Cynthia Steyn, South African
Lets leave SOME area for the wildlife to live and roam freely!!! We, as humans think we are entitled to destroying everything!

2016-08-22 22:20:11 sue spargo, Australian
It would destroy the park to have a railway through it. Please think of an alternative. The animals have so many changes to adapt to already.

2016-08-22 20:45:01 Ratu Davui Fijian, Australian/Aboriginal
This isn’t right… No more is needed to be said

2016-08-22 18:58:39 Jay Clyne, Australian
Don’t let this Railway happen.

2016-08-22 18:58:17 Jake Johnstone Australian
Save the park, it is one of the most magnificent places on earth and it would be a shame if it were tarnished by a railway.

2016-08-22 18:31:04 Michelle Clontz, American
“Save the park!!!
All of it!!!”

2016-08-22 16:13:54 Cherry Dunn, British/Canadian
This is totally the wrong move if the country wants to keep tourists coming to Kenya. This is one of the first things that people hear about abroad. Don’t be greedy please.


2016-08-22 15:55:52 marian tims, Netherlands
please let Nairobi NP STAY!

2016-08-22 15:50:49 Julien Crowther, British
This unique wildlife sanctuary and green lung for the city of Nairobi must be protected from further encroachment.

2016-08-22 15:46:21 lawrence mafuri, Kenyan
I am willing to sacrifice my current state so as I will be able to tell my grand children that “these are lions, ,elephants, rhino” rather than “they used to be lions, rhinos and elephants. Humans, lets stop our greed and also consider flora and fauna.

2016-08-22 15:44:38 Joe Kimeto,Kenyan
Please leave our park alone,we like living with the lions don’t,worry they are just our stray cats.

2016-08-22 15:26:13 Emmanuel Kimmutai, Kenyan
I would rather buildings came down and owners compensated than the park hived off because this will inevitably set a horrible precedent. The whole ecological balance of the park needs to be restored too, urgently.

2016-08-22 15:00:32 Sushil Chauhan, Kenyan
Save our heritage

2016-08-22 13:58:34 Amy Myers, American (USA)
We must stand up for wildlife and support their interests over human interests.

2016-08-22 10:58:27 Naomi Muliro, Kenyan
Protect the Nairobi national park

2016-08-22 10:54:33 Eva Mutua, Kenyan
We can work around this disrupting the park. Parents spent good money to educate their children to become apt town planners. How come they are not being incorporated on Vision 2030? Our heritage is so important.

2016-08-22 10:52:44 Simon Towers, British
I visited the park many times. It would be a great shame if it is destroyed by the construction of infrastructure in it.

2016-08-22 07:53:00 Sanjay Shah, Kenyan
Please save the NNP

2016-08-21 23:53:32 Atieno jalango, Kenyan
We need Nairobi National park more than we think…stop this wanton destruction of nature.

2016-08-21 04:47:23 Terence Johnson, Australian
Understandably, there is pressure for urban expansion. However, what next, weekender estates in the Mara? NNP should be World Heritage. It is built, we do come.

2016-08-21 01:41:55 Esme Blair, Zimbabwe
African govts corruption is killing Africa

2016-08-20 19:27:12 Manuel Tavares, Kenyan
This small park is close to the city is a welcome break in the monotony of the concrete jungle and doing away with it would be a monumental disaster of propagating the further expansion of this concrete jungle. Besides it is such a rewarding experience to the thousands of Nairobi who visit the park annually and enjoy this spectacular park so close to home and not have to drive miles across the country in order to enjoy nature at its very best.

2016-08-20 19:26:39 Grace Jibril, Kenyan
Save Nairobi National Park

2016-08-20 15:00:38 Edith Goula, Canadian
On 2013 I visited the Nairobi National Park it’s a gorgeous place where the animals run free and the vegetation is beautiful. I would be horrendous to have the construction of the SGR or any other building as the wild animals will suffer and of course the environment as well!!!!

2016-08-20 13:35:57 Charles Mauldin, USA
As a supporter and visitor to Nairobi National Park, I want to express my deep disappointment and concern at the erroding of this Kenyan and world legacy. While I appreciate the need for infrastructure improvements, I do not see selling off Kenya’s future as a prudent or responsible way of providing for its present needs.

2016-08-20 13:15:59 Hussein sode, Kenyan
Nairobi park is the lung of Nairobi city… Kindly protect

2016-08-20 12:28:20 David Mbogori, Kenyan
Thank you.

2016-08-20 12:06:06 Divya Mehra, Kenyan
It’s an important ecosystem and these changes will destroy it! It must be saved.

2016-08-20 08:23:25 Iffet Anwar, Kenyan
The National Park is an heritage that should not be lost.

2016-08-20 07:14:10 Joanna Richard, Kenyan
Who will pay for the effect on the environment. Our children…that’s who. How can you be so cold and greedy?

2016-08-20 06:15:14 Fred Moturi, Kenyan
Let’s stop this please!

2016-08-20 05:47:59 Thomas Gathecha, Kenyan
No more destruction of any of our National Parks.

2016-08-20 05:43:07 Mishal Gudka, Kenyan
Due process and standards must be followed when making the government makes decisions. This has clearly not been the case and the consequences will mean the begining of the end for the Park.

2016-08-20 01:45:47 munyasa Ellam, Kenyan
Let’s stop greed

2016-08-20 00:31:13 Deirdre Buckle, British ex Kenya
“Where in the NNP is the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in relation to your proposed construction? No thought has been given to this establishment which is vital for the help needed for the Elephants. A professional map should have been drawn up with the proposed routes clearly shown in bright colours and presented at the meeting, thus making it easier for the General Public to understand better. What is going to happen to the old railway line from Mombasa to Kampala – surely this can be brought up to standard, section by section, thus not destroying the country any more than you have already.”

2016-08-19 17:28:59 Gonda Geets, belgian
Nairobi National Park is a unique treasure. If destroyed, Nairobians and the world. will loose not only precious natural heritage but also memories a green lung and a place where people can find peace

2016-08-19 17:05:39 Stellah O, Kenyan
The railway can pass through the same way it did through the Tsavo park without destruction I would think?

2016-08-19 16:35:42 Monique FromKilifi, Dutch
please ! protect what you have. NNP is very very special. Set example for he rest of the parks in Kenya and the rest of the parks in the world !

2016-08-19 15:53:30 dennis kaburu, Kenyan
Protect our heritage

2016-08-19 15:12:09 Mouafo Alain Cameroonian
Biodiversity is so important for us in term of services that it will be a crime to destroy a national park in favour of an infrastructure. Every organism on the earth has it’s own intrinsic value

2016-08-19 15:11:54 Fiona Fernandes, Kenyan

2016-08-19 15:07:46 Jemimah Muthama, Kenyan
We should protect our heritage it can’t be bought

2016-08-19 15:02:41 Alison Field-Juma, USA
This park is a unique treasure in the city, country and world. It makes Nairobi a great city and is an asset to protect.

2016-08-19 14:29:16 Rabie Hayek, USA
I have visited NNP in 2012 and was touched forever by the chance encounter with two brother lions. Sitting nearby was priceless and I will never forget it. Please preserve this natural treasure. Make this a global heritage site.

2016-08-19 13:17:48 Jude Rato, British
The wildlife too have rights to be in the environment of their choosing. NNP is also a worldwide attraction to tourists who cannot believe that wild animals are in such close proximity to a city.

2016-08-19 11:29:32 Ann Early American, tourist to Kenya
I am an American who loves Kenya and is visiting for the third time in five years in September. As a coinhabitant of this earth, I beg your country to save the very precious places and animals that you have that the rest of us do not. It is a world treasure, and you are its guardian for the future.

2016-08-19 11:28:06 Yo Yo Honey, Kenyan

2016-08-19 10:09:16 Jennifer Garraway, Kenyan
We must protect our National Parks. They are our Kenyan pride, our source of National Income, our treasure. It is our duty to preserve our Natioanal parks for generations to come.

2016-08-19 09:34:26 Belo Brescia, Seychelles
I am an author please make me write something positive. Save the Park!

2016-08-19 08:45:31 Nora Owako, Kenyan
We should lose our heritage and our animals.

2016-08-19 06:46:58 Duncan Rollo, British
“As the sign at the gate yused to say (is it still there?) The wildlife of today is not ours to dispose of as we please. We have it in trust, and must account for it to those who come after. – King George VI”

2016-08-19 06:34:15 Matthew Croucher, British
NNP makes Nairobi one is fm the most unique and best capital cities in the world, don’t gamble with it!

2016-08-19 06:23:09 Corinn Mauldin, USA
Keep fighting the good fight!

2016-08-19 06:18:01 Jane wangari, Kenyan
kindly don’t destroy our national park

2016-08-19 06:02:45 Nikhil Amin, Kenyan
Bastard Kenyan Government!

2016-08-19 05:42:41 Richard Kitoshi, Kenyan
Thank you for the utmost support of our beloved park…

2016-08-19 04:36:39 Reena Magon, Kenyan
Nairobi national park is a treasure look after it …

2016-08-19 04:17:25 Richard Gichùkì, Kenyan
Let’s protect our heritage

2016-08-19 03:36:54 Sheetal Shah, Kenyan
The park is a unique source of nature, biodiversity and green natural space. It’s presence is vital for Kenya for all people.

2016-08-19 03:25:31 eric gitau, Kenyan
We should protect our heritage not for us but for the future generations to come.

2016-08-19 03:11:47 Richard Pye, Kenyan
If this fragmentation through development is allowed it will start a precedent for other natural areas to follow. I believe in development and vision 2030 for all Kenyan’s to benefit… but not at the cost of the natural areas which are Kenya’s heritage. These are places of immense value others around the world come to visit. Please don’t kill it.

2016-08-19 02:59:51 Lisa Kibutu, Kenyan
The government needs to do much more to protect our heritage for future generations!

2016-08-19 02:54:38 Mutu Kamweti, Kenyan
A worthy cause in the interest of our nation, Kenya.

2016-08-19 02:38:11 will knocker, British
Please count me in….

2016-08-19 02:37:02 Dido Dima, Kenyan
Not many Kenyans know about this issue…I suggest we hold a peaceful demonstration in Nairobi to put pressure on the Government and inform the public.

2016-08-19 02:32:59 Ann Mugure, Kenyan
Nairobi National Park is one of Kenya’s greatest collection of natural, historic, and cultural treasures. As Kenyans we should strive to preserve this special place for our future and future generations to come. Most importantly we as Kenyans should strive to maintain the Nairobi National Park biodiversity across its broad range of ecosystems.

2016-08-19 02:30:11 Neerav Shah, Kenyan
“Save our national park! Nairobi is the only capital city in the world to have a natural national park! It attracts tourism! It wouldn’t be fair to take away the homes of the spectacular and majestic wildlife that belong in the national park!”

2016-08-19 02:27:33 henry Mbugua njuguna, Kenyan
Am in support to stop these encroachment.

2016-08-19 02:17:29 Lui Wagude, Kenyan
The railway can easily be redesigned

2016-08-19 02:13:07 Bryan Wong, American
Save the animals!

2016-08-19 01:45:47 GIDEON HABWE, Kenyan
Please save the park!

2016-08-19 01:40:20 Richard Nunn, United Kingdom
Having grown up in Kenya and now here as a resident, I have loved the National Park since I was very young. It is an incredibly special place and should be kept that way for future generations.

2016-08-19 01:25:32 Angus Pumpe, Australian
An asset such as Nairobi national park once lost can never be recovered.

2016-08-19 01:14:20 Cathy Kaniu, Kenyan
We need to preserve our park in the city.

2016-08-19 00:42:19 Kyendwa Kyendwa, Kenyan
We need to move Animals to other parks. And settle slum people who live Animals in the NNP

2016-08-19 00:14:53 sylvia manyira, Kenyan
our president should use all the authority he has to stop any construction.

2016-08-18 22:05:01 Diana Serem, Kenyan
I stand to save Nairobi National Ppark the only City Park in the World. Let it be a park and have no other activities that will disturb the peace of our wild animals

2016-08-18 21:56:55 Donna Reynolds, American
“I daily follow the elephant organizations in Kenya, ATE, EV, and DSWT. We look to Kenya to lead for conservation of habitat and fauna. We look to Kenya #1 to visit for safari.
We love when a Kenyan woman wins the Olympic Marathon!! Hands Off Our Elephants ~~”

2016-08-18 20:07:45 Paola Moore-Pagano, USA
Forsaking the greatness nature has bestowed on Kenya would be a loss for your entire country and the world. Tourists like myself come to your country to see the animals thrive in the park. Do not be shortsighted and think about immediate profit. You must think about the future of your country and its heritage.

2016-08-18 19:22:09 Audan Basnett, Australian
This gem of Kenya must remain a jewel of the country as it is so unique.

2016-08-18 19:07:40 Katherine Denison, US
Outrageous corruption, destruction of the land, flora, and irreplaceable animals supported by the park. Future generations will curse you if you don’t act swiftly and decisively to save Kenya’s heritage.

2016-08-18 19:01:40 Karen Mayer, U.S.
Besides, isn’t Nairobi National Park where Daphne Sheldrick does her vital work with orphaned elephants?

2016-08-18 18:59:44 Tony Percussionist, Kenyan
“Selfishness will end our heritage..
As a Kenyan patriot I stand against construction in the park. I want my kid to visit it in future…”

2016-08-18 18:28:22 Lisa Wiesbauer, United States
There are too few places left for wildlife. More infrastructure within the park will only increase the human-wildlife conflict problem.

2016-08-18 18:13:32 Karen Mayer, U.S.
Besides, isn’t Nairobi National Park where Daphne Sheldrick does her vital work with orphaned elephants?

2016-08-18 18:12:27 Joan Lichterman, USA
“The park must be preserved for future generations of Kenyans.
I am concerned about the lack of serious land-use planning to make sure that humans live in planned developments, that wildlife corridors are preserved, and that numerous wildlife crossings are built to keep wildlife from being killed by traffic on roads and railways.”

2016-08-18 16:52:30 Andrés Hugo de Maaker, Icelandic
I believe you should keep your treasures unspoiled

2016-08-18 16:51:31 Rebecca Rhodes, American
The national parks of Nairobi are not only a treasure to Kenya but a treasure to planet earth . You are so fortunate to be blessed with this gift . To me it is a slice of heaven that graces your country .

2016-08-18 16:39:12 Margaret Mukuria, USA
Its an abomination what greed and “development” is doing to an irreplaceable heritage. Wangari Maathai is rolling in her grave. The war on trees in Nairobi, the eradication of wildlife corridors into housing developments, the constant encroachment on the Nairobi National Park. Please think of future generations, not of tomorrow only.

2016-08-18 16:37:43 alunga omolo, Kenyan
Thank you for this campaign.

2016-08-18 16:30:53 Pradip Shah, Kenyan
Find alternative route for SGR

2016-08-18 16:18:40 Sujeet Shah, British
Please send map of proposed intrusion

2016-08-18 16:06:37 Ernest Kavingo, Kenyan
I am doing this for the future of our children.

2016-08-18 15:57:25 Kiran Bansal, British
Please do not destroy something as beautiful as the Nairobi national park. Born in kenya I have seen how it has deteriorated and how migration paths have been blocked we need to stand together and do more to protect our wildlife heritage – save the Nairobi national park

2016-08-18 15:32:13 Moses Wambui, Kenyan
Stop this insanity! Protect this heritage for posterity!

2016-08-18 15:10:58 Vivek Mehta, Kenyan
“This is a priceless heritage. We have time to save it. Please”

2016-08-18 15:04:50 Samuel Andai, Kenyan
I can’t imagine my future kids won’t get to see a real lion so I rather prefer the national park more than sgr….

2016-08-18 14:51:23 Tinah Rood, Netherland
This is a Heritage of Kenya so Safe and Protect it..

2016-08-18 14:40:18 Jemimah Muthama, Kenyan
We should protect our heritage it can’t be bought

2016-08-18 14:31:21 Joseph Kip, Kenyan
Please take action!

2016-08-18 14:22:59 Sue Canney, UK
this is important… often the only contact those raised in nairobi have with their iconic wildlife.. a unique and special place

2016-08-18 14:01:55 Karen Barrow, South African
Please preserve what little wildlife we have left.

2016-08-18 13:58:55 Mohideen Meera Mohideen, Indian

2016-08-18 13:44:07 Tonnie Nyanja, Kenyan
Please keep me posted

2016-08-18 13:43:19 Nkatet Mosika, Kenyan
We cannot close down the NNP to cater for concrete jungles! Kenya and the world has lost enough wildlife and wildlife habitat that we cannot afford to do anything that kills the NNP!

2016-08-18 13:33:29 shama butt, Kenyan
We, as responsible citizens, should support all efforts to conserve our beautiful environment and protect the innocent creatures living in the natural parks.

2016-08-18 13:32:20 shama butt, Kenyan
We, as responsible citizens, should support all efforts to conserve our beautiful environment and protect the innocent creatures living in the natural parks.

2016-08-18 13:26:28 Babette Lewis, American
If you can finally find it in your hearts to protect and defend your National Park, caring about the wild animals there more than what kind of exploitation you can come up with for profit off of them, then you will have succeeded in setting a majestic example for all the world that this is possible, yes, even in Africa! Make a serious effort to protect and not start constructing problems for your land, your people and your wild animals. It’s in your hands.

2016-08-18 13:19:02 Reena Magon, Kenyan
Nairobi national park is a treasure look after it …

2016-08-18 13:15:15 Mercy Leitich, Kenyan
No capacity of development can replace the value of natural heritage.

2016-08-18 13:14:20 charles muoki, Kenyan
Please let me know how we can stop this problem once and for all.

2016-08-18 12:48:14 Larry Carruthers, Canadian
Although Canadian, I have been living in Kenya for the past six years. Kenya has enough difficulties with their economy already. If they start looking short term ( in this case development) there will be no turning around.

2016-08-18 12:33:30 Bruce Ovarson, Swiss
Do not destroy a major tourist hotspot, makes no economic sense

2016-08-18 12:12:53 Christine mburugu, Kenyan
At all costs the NNP must be protected and fenced solidly.

2016-08-18 12:06:33 Mercy Leitich, Kenyan
No capacity of development can replace the value of natural heritage.

2016-08-18 11:43:15 Amanda Webb, Irish
Losing the park would be disastrous. We humans must be more thoughtful about our environment or we will be the big losers!!!

2016-08-18 11:36:00 Paul Rukaria, Kenyan
We are duty bound to protect our heritage. The railway line will upset the delicate balance in the park and open it for farther encroachment. A big no to the rail thorough our park.

2016-08-18 11:35:23 Stephanie Jaeger, German
The Nairobi National Park is a heritage for our children we can not allow greedy individuals to distroy it

2016-08-18 11:26:28 Nimmoe Gatei, Kenyan
Lets save this Priceless heritage. Heritage for Posterity before Profit.

2016-08-18 11:20:08 Pedrosa Nimo, Kenyan
“Well done, if we don’t do something about this now the Nairobi National Park will cease to exist in the not so distant future. If we don’t speak up now, it might be too late when we do.”

2016-08-18 11:17:34 Mukesh Bhudia, Kenyan
We must save all reserve park and that ‘s one of beauty of the country

2016-08-18 11:07:47 lulu keeble, Kenyan
stop this wanton destruction, greed, corruption by the jubilee government. They do not represent true kenyans

2016-08-18 10:40:19 Katherine Watson, American

2016-08-18 10:35:51 Jemo Ergen, British
This is one of the most beautiful attractions in Nairobi. The numbers of animals are decreasing at an alarming rate and everyone should do their utmost to protect them.

2016-08-18 10:29:53 Taher Ganijee, Kenyan
I really need the feedback asap…

2016-08-18 10:25:43 Jackson MAINA, Kenyan
Which is easy reroute the projects or ruin our beauty? What about the animals? The park is vital as its the venue for ivory burning yet we want to kill the other animals.

2016-08-18 10:23:00 Paras Chandaria, Kenyan
bad! Illegal!! Land game!! Corruption and impunity!!!

2016-08-18 09:08:29 Andreas Broman, Swedish
“I’m a swedish biologist and frequent visitor to this fantastic area. I’m worried about the impact the planned SGR will have on the area and the ecosystem within it. If you go through with this, I will most likely travel to Tanzania from now on. 😦
Best Regards,
Andreas Broman”

2016-08-18 06:55:07 sanne hornecker, denmark
please save the wildlife and nature .. the african wildlife is under intense pressure .. and if its gone, poaching is free and the animals will be slaughtered, only for profit

2016-08-18 05:46:22 Christina Vincent, Kenyan
“In the future Nairobi National Park could be as famous and important as New Yorks Central Park. Due to its animals, biodiversity, heritage and a special place where Nairobi residents and tourists can always be able to visit with family and grand kids.
This will be something Kenyans can be proud of as opposed to fast money for the few.
We need to look at the long term benefits for us all.
Please preserve the Nairobi National Park without the proposed infrastructure.”

2016-08-18 01:07:54 Scilla Davey, Kenyan
Prioritize our heritage and safeguard our wildlife – especially when there is no need to encroach on the park.

2016-08-18 00:14:28 Irene Macharia, Kenyan
There are many more places to do the construction,just leave the animals in peace.

2016-08-17 18:24:15 Penny Slack, British
Having visited the park last year I was impressed by the uniqueness of having such a wonderful park so close to Nairobi with easy access for so many destroy such a national heritage would be a tragedy not only for the wild animals but for future generations of Kenyans.

2016-08-17 16:17:36 Mena Remedios, British
I was born in Kenya and have visited the Nairobi National Park as a child. I have many happy memories of the Park and am angry about the plans to encroach on the land.

2016-08-17 14:56:58 Ingrid Dugand, NZ
Please keep this park as it was intended. It is so very unique, and the incredible wildlife there should be allowed to live in peace without construction going through it. If this is allowed it will be the beginning of the end for this park. There must be another way.

2016-08-17 12:40:01 Mwini Mutuku, Kenyan
Why make such a big mistake? Wangari Maathai said ‘We need to promote development that does not destroy our environment.’ Who really gains from this in the long run anyway? Stop destroying earth and yourselves. Stop being idiots and slaves for money. Whoever is a part of this mess just know that this is the height of foolishness.

2016-08-17 12:20:37 Felicity Triegaardt, South African
This may NOT happen

2016-08-17 11:42:09 Yolanda Risi, Italian
Don’t allow the NNP to be destroyed…

2016-08-17 11:02:04 Yvan Gatoto, Rwandan
That park is what makes me enjoy the landing in Nairobi. Its a precious gift from Mother Nature. Keep it Lighting.

2016-08-17 08:05:29 Sarah Valentine, American
For future generations to come!

2016-08-17 05:51:01 Heather Palfrey, Kenyan
This is a heritage national park. I spent my childhood there and my father had a lot to do with when it’s early years, in the orphanage.

2016-08-17 05:44:50 Geoff Trollope, South African
I was born and bred Kenyan but migrated South in 1975 and have always loved the Nairobi National Park

2016-08-17 05:28:09 Zandra Sachs, Kenyan
How can this have ever been agreed to. Such a major attraction for not only the locals but the tourists

2016-08-17 03:37:47 Lynda Turner, British
Please do not start destroying the park. I have spent so many happy days there but more importantly it is a vital resource for the young Kenyans to see their heritage easily from Nairobi.

2016-08-17 01:36:18 Aussiemike mike, Kenyan
Don’t do it. Just don’t even think about it.

2016-08-16 20:04:57 Rachael Bird, Kenyan
I once raised money for Kenya wild life iam disappointed that after all that we have to vote for our heritage and future of maybe all the parks the is enough land we dont have to buld on national parks this pure greed

2016-08-16 16:48:49 owen greatorex, british
there is no place on the planet like NNP, it is unique.

2016-08-16 13:20:26 Gert Hofhuis South African
The SGR should choose a different route!!

2016-08-16 06:41:48 Oliver Keeble, Kenyan
Encroachment on NNP by SGR is all but assured as witness, the connection at Bul-Bul/Veterinary already under construction. God help Ololua Forest Makoma Estate and interests between.

2016-08-16 05:42:18 Tom Pritchett, usa
I was the first Chairman of FoNNaP. Dont let our hard work and dedication go to waste!

2016-08-16 05:39:49 Holly Hamilton-Pritchett, usa
Founding member, secretary and board member for 5 years. Dont let our Park be only a beautiful memory.

2016-08-16 04:56:04 Patrick Mukora, Kenyan
Is there a route map for this monstrosity?

2016-08-16 03:00:43 Riccardo Giglioli, Italian
It’s a national heritage and an important source of income for the nation. Tourism being the back bone or should be.

2016-08-16 00:48:20 Renee Blasky, American – Long time Kenyan resident
Do not let this beautiful park be destroyed by this encroachment.

2016-08-15 15:39:24 Jane Baker, Bitish
This is a unique game park, nothing like it in the world. So close to Nairobi centre. It Must be protected.

2016-08-15 12:17:33 Tanya Juttla, British
“I was born in Kenya and this country is a beautiful country. You need the tourist to visit Kenya to keep in alive. If you dont they will go to South africa or other places where they care for thier counrty.
Dont spoil it to make money off it.”

2016-08-15 03:11:03 Alison Durant, Australian
I lived in Kenya during my secondary school years and attended Kenya High. The Nairobi Park is an important contributor to animal conservation and is already rather small – it cannot afford to lose any more of its land.

2016-08-14 21:23:12 Juanita Arensen, Australian/Kenyan
This park has been a protected home for animals for aeons. You are taking all their land so where are they to go to from here???????????? You rely on tourism to support your people so use your brain.

2016-08-14 18:49:52 Deirdre Buckle, British
“As a small child brought up in Kenya from the time the NNP was established, it’s very sad to see all the hard work which went into setting up the Park system in 1946 and now being destroyed by a foreign country, who have no feelings for the animals of Africa.
China and the government officials are prepared to construct a railway system through a treasured nature reserve without properly discussing the matter with the responsible people and MORE especially with the citizens of Nairobi.
This idea was not given enough thought – think again before wrecking all that NNP is to the people of Kenya.”

2016-08-14 14:19:17 Jan Cheal, British
I was born in Kenya many years ago and go ‘home’ whenever possible. We must keep the park and all the others too.

2016-08-14 12:49:12 karen alton, born in Kenya
Nairobi National park is unique, where else can you go into a National Park anc see beautiful wildlife so near to a city. Why must this be built on or encroached on. Nairobi should be proud of this Park and make it easier for more people to visit it. It is a wonderful place to take school children and teach them to care for these beautiful animals and perhaps become as famous as David Attenborough.

2016-08-14 11:52:34 Patricia Lott, Canadian
I lived in EA as a teenager, attending school in Nairobi. I know that your park (s) are unique treasures that should be protected at all costs. Please do not endanger the NNP, it is frail. I love EA!

2016-08-14 11:43:30 Vicky Rose, Kenyan
Please keep me informed as to what is happening.. We have to save the Park..

2016-08-14 11:24:02 Jenny Hallett, South african
I was born in Nairobi in the early ’50’s and have such fond memories of time spent on the park which will live with me forever

2016-08-14 09:23:40 Anne-Marie Fein, British
I lived in Kenya for many years – it is my hearts home.

2016-08-14 08:56:17 Jacquie Guilbert, Australian
Don’t destroy what a wonderful thing you have in your backyard. The only country in the world that has such an amazing park so close to a city. Grew up spending so many weekends driving around this wonderful park – don’t ruin it for future Kenyans

2016-08-14 07:32:02 Lynne Nordon, United Kingdom
Nairobi National Park is unique, it draws many visitors and is for many, their first experience of a safari or animal spotting. Please do not allow further encroachment is this wonderful place.

2016-08-14 06:56:02 Chris Trench, Eire
The park is a National Heritage. Please preserve it along with its Eco systems for the benefit of all

2016-08-09 22:40:43 Colleen Tighe, USA
Kenya’s amazing parks need to be protected before they are completely lost forever!

2016-08-09 12:09:56 chako t kohsaka, japanese
Mother Earth is not only for human. We must do at our best in order to protect creature in Nairobi. Eco-System is all liked through whole Mother Earth. Other creatures’ end means human’s end.

2016-08-09 09:15:44 Charles Campbell Clause, Kenyan
We must preserve our heritage for our children not simple destry everything in our path for convenience or worse for personal gain

2016-08-09 08:33:00 Susan Babin, USA
I have traveled to Kenya on numerous occasions, and have fallen in love with it. The Nairobi National Park is beautiful and amazing and should be preserved, for all it offers to this earth and its inhabitants.

2016-08-08 21:30:07 Anthony Shisero, Kenyan
Land allocation near south c, Wilson airport. Keep us informed about whether this is grabbing.

2016-08-07 13:46:35 Christina Merrien, British
We have visited a couple of times and were truly astounded at the display of nature so close to the city. So much so we have recommend numerous friends to visit.

2016-08-07 11:29:58 Julia Wilcock, Kenyan
I understand that we do need the railway but not through The Nairobi National Park. There are other much less disruptive options to the people & our wildlife, to explore

2016-08-07 10:51:21 Kathleen Smith, British
I am 64 years old and well traveled. the Nairobi National Park is the most amazing tourist site I have ever visited. Such an important tourist and environmental resource. Please protect it.

2016-08-07 09:23:18 Dawn Jorgensen, south africa
As a travel and conversation themed journalist, I’d love to be kept informed. Thank you.

2016-08-07 07:07:04 Carol Lane – Sunde, British
This is so important to honour the wild space and indigenous animals of Kenya, in this area, long designated for them in Nairobi. The park is a National Treasure, for now and the future.

2016-08-07 03:32:20 Martin Walsh, Irish
Save the park.

2016-08-07 03:28:30 Patsy Webb, Kenyan
The destruction of this incredibly famous national park would be a total tragedy for Kenya and the rest of the world. Kenya’s wildlife is very precious and should not just be discarded in this way. Surely wildlife conservation should be paramount! I worked for many years for the East African Wiildlife Society. I am also 3rd generation Kenyan and know how much the Nairobi National Park means to many millions of people.

2016-08-06 20:59:17 Kim MacKay, Canadian
Wildlife conservation is so important…..the animals absolutely need these spaces to live. Humans have taken away their natural habitats for far too long, we must ensure that wildlife keeps it’s natural environment & that we don’t endanger them further.

2016-08-06 17:04:22 Amanda Bucklow, British
I was born in Nairobi. The park is vital to the city and should not be developed.

2016-08-06 16:44:44 Sabine Decloedt, Belgiium
I have spent many days in the Nairobi National Park in the 1990s and it was a wonderful haven.

2016-08-06 15:58:23 Marie Spaak, Belgian
Protect your heritage!

2016-08-06 15:13:25 Hilary Butt, Canadian
Born and brought up in Kenya….it would appear that the encroachment is both criminal and corrupt. It needs to be halted immediately.

2016-08-06 13:14:18 Catherine Gatheru, Kenyan
This is a nonnegotiable…keep off NNP!!!

2016-08-06 12:22:19 Mary Pescod, Kenyan
Don’t ruin this park. Be the only ONLY CAPITAL CITY ON THE PLANET that protects it’s environment, animals , flora and fauna for future generations. Be an icon.

2016-08-06 10:46:34 John Woodford, British
I lived in Langata only 1 mile from the West Gate of NNP for 4 years in the 70’s and visited the park many times between 1970 and 1983 – so I treasure those memories. This is aof Kenya’s heritage. We must save it.

2016-08-06 07:30:34 Nevill Bulloch, Australian
Please protect the world’s wildlife and national parks as their custodian.

2016-08-06 02:06:11 federico fioretto, italian
Park has to be protected. It’s a Kenya heritage and a resource which is unique in the World. Kenyans should be proud of it

2016-08-06 01:06:30 Esther Mbugua – Kimemia, Kenyan
Let is do all that we can to preserve our ‘gems’. There will always be people wanting to encroach, but we can set the record clear once and for all. Our voices can and will be heard.

2016-08-05 19:35:15 Diana Loubser, New Zealand
I lived in Nairobi for 3 years 2012 – 2015 and have seen the wildlife being strangled out of the park

2016-08-05 16:50:33 Amanda Webb, Irish
It is so important that this park is saved and protected. Animals are such a vital part of everybody’s life and the environment.

2016-08-05 16:14:26 Tamsin Leakey, Ugandan

2016-08-05 13:40:00 Julia Goodman, British
A very good and thorough blog. It needs to be more visible though and the world press need to be involved adapt!

2016-08-05 12:18:53 Richard Steel, Kenyan
I hope only for the best outcome. Time is running out so get this out there.

2016-08-05 11:54:51 Vicky Rose, Kenyan
Please don’t let that railway ruin our country… It’s the animals home just leave it alone..
2016-08-05 10:27:07 Vanessa Beaupre Canadian
I am planning a vacation to see this park.

2016-08-05 10:24:32 Najma Cole, Canadian
As a child I spent many weekends with my dad visiting Nairobi National Park.An amazing place. I cannot imagine why anyone would consider ruining this famous site in Kenya.

2016-08-05 10:18:37 Lisa Künzler, Swiss
WE lived for 5 years in Nairobi and appreciated the park so much. we were member of the Friends of the National Park.

2016-08-05 10:10:34 Vicki Fishlock, UK
Kenya’s famous wildlife attractions bring visitors from across the world. Allowing development interests to supersede the protection of Kenya’s natural heritage is not the way to bring Kenya forward. To be a leading nation, Kenya must bring development alongside, not on top of, a leading economic driver for the country.

2016-08-05 08:35:11 Koikai Oloitiptip, Kenyan
It is worth saving the Nairobi National Park as the only one of its kind in the world, within a city considering the ease by which the life support systems the world over and in this country have been destroyed in the name of development; but unsustainable development for that matter, not in the public interest.

2016-08-05 08:25:26 soren Carlsen, Danish
I can’t see any reason why it shold be cut through the nnp.

2016-08-05 07:37:11 Shirley Storton, British
I’ve visited Nairobi national park often while growing up in Kenya, holds precious memories.

2016-08-05 03:48:20 Iva De Lassé-Black, Canadian
Don’t let this park die!!!

2016-08-05 03:43:14 Alison Barrah, British
Nairobi National Park is a unique park at the Heart of a City, no other country in the entire world is so privileged. As well as tourism Nairobi National Park enables the people of Nairobi to visit the park on their door steps and see the abundance of game it has to offer.

2016-08-05 02:57:01 antony ngethe, Kenyan
Don’t let the SGR go through the Park, it is our Heritage

2016-08-05 02:32:49 Stephen Tsakiris, Kenyan
Let’s not break up the Nairobi national park as a capital Nairobi is in a lucky position to be able to have this superb park on its door step and it is a great visitor attraction. To tourists and holiday makers and locals alike. If this park is distroyed where will Kenyan kids go to learn about wild life if the live in Nairobi or surrounding areas.? Save Nairobi national park !!!!

2016-08-05 02:16:20 Jamie Graham, British
This is a national and worldwide treasure somewhere I have visited for the past 2 decades that is the livelihood for some of my friends living in Kenya and needs all the protection it can get from the powers that can effect this

2016-08-05 01:47:35 Elizabeth Dames, Kenyan
All so poorly considered, there are other far better options.

2016-08-05 01:40:21 christine Leonard, Kenyan
Please let us unite to stop this abomination.

2016-08-05 01:20:55 Joann Rollinson, Canadian
Kenya is still my homeland, it’s where I grew up. Visits to NGPark were always times of happiness & excitement. Please use your creativity to redesign urban & transport corridors Outside the Park! To lose it would be an awful tragedy.

2016-08-05 01:10:21 Niall OConnor, Ireland
As an environmentalist, a tourist, and a person who has had the pleasure of working and living across Kenya, I see it as a tragedy to continue to allow the breakup of NNP to developers over and about your country’s natural capital. It needs to be retained for current and future generations to get to know and appreciate nature, the natural world and to support the diverse and wonderful nation Kenya is. Don’t be short sighted. Don’t be greedy, don’t be selfish. As president, and family of the founding fathers of Kenya, protect the land for your people. There are always alternative routes for road and rail, but there is no alternative to NNP.

2016-08-05 00:34:22 Joachim Bebbington, British
Please keep out heritage!!!

2016-08-05 00:25:49 Georgina Goodwin, Kenyan
“There is absolutely no need for the SGR to go through OUR NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK. It is not for development it is national heritage for the people of Kenya. It should be protected at all costs. We the people of Kenya DO NOT SUPPORT THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR HERITAGE FOR CORRUPTION AND GREED OF THE MINORITY IN DECISION MAKING POSITIONS. STOP THE SGR FROM GOINF THROUGH OUR PARK.”

2016-08-05 00:14:33 Mary Lever, Canada
NNP is a precious gift and legacy that should be preserved for future generations. A railway can go almost anywhere but this amazing environment and its wildlife cannot. PLEASE do the right thing.

2016-08-05 00:13:38 Lyndsay Harshman, USA
We must save this park! I work in the tourism sector in the US sending guests to Kenya on safari and nearly all of my travelers visit Nairobi National Park. It would be a huge loss to encroach upon this treasure. Please save the park!

2016-08-04 23:16:27 Lynda Hughes, Kenyan
Once it’s gone you can never get it back, it’s time to think of the future!

2016-08-04 19:39:20 Joss Antoine, Kenyan
This railway line through the park must be stopped

2016-08-04 18:41:42 Julie Ahlstrom, Australian
Africa’s wildlife cannot afford to lose anymore habitat no wildlife no Africa

2016-08-04 17:29:08 Edward Loosli, USA
“An Open Letter to:

Mr. Kitili Mbathi, Director General
Kenya Wildlife Service
26 July 2016

The Wildlife Foundation is a registered Kenya Community Based Organisation/NGO founded in year 2000 to assist the Kenya Wildlife Service and others in conserving Kenya’s marvelous wildlife habitat, in both Protected and un-protected areas. To date, we have largely been concentrating our team efforts within Nairobi National Park and its vital wildlife dispersal area outside the open Southern boundary of the Park. In year 2003 there were only 7 adult lions left in the Nairobi National Park ecosystem, when we began to partner with KWS and the local pastoralists living in the NNP wildlife dispersal area. As a result of these co-operative efforts, there are now over 30 adult lions in the NNP ecosystem and NNP wildlife seemed secure. Unfortunately however, Nairobi National Park now faces one of the greatest threats in its entire history, at the hands of Kenya Railways.

It would be the height of illegality and irresponsibility to permit the proposed Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Phase 2A to cut-through and further damage any more of the iconic and priceless Nairobi National Park. As Director General of the Kenya Wildlife Service it is your sworn duty to uphold Kenya’s strict environmental and wildlife laws, as well as adhere to the protective terms of the Nairobi National Park Management Plan, none of which allow for the habitat destruction, pollution and chaos that would be brought about by the SGR (phase 2A) encroaching on or above Nairobi National Park. Alternatives exist for the SGR to go well South of Nairobi National Park before then turning West.

Kenya’s Vision 2030 calls for the protection and enhancement of Kenya’s national parks and other conservation areas, including Nairobi National Park, and even though it mentions the goal of building a new railway between Mombasa, Nairobi and the Kenya/Uganda border at Malaba, there is no mention in Vision 2030 of any railway, standard gauge or otherwise, traversing within or across Nairobi National Park.

By law, the habitat of Endangered rhinos and other rare wildlife species like African lions, giraffes, leopards, wildebeests, hippos, numerous bird species and many other species living within the Protected Area called Nairobi National Park is to be protected by the Government of Kenya in general and by the Kenya Wildlife Service in particular. Protecting and defending Nairobi National Park from environmentally destructive development like the Southern Bypass, Transmission Towers & Lines, and Railways is your responsibility. Before you arrived, the first two items, the Southern Bypass and the huge Transmission Towers & Lines were not blocked by KWS as they should have been. Now, you personally have the opportunity to do the right thing by blocking the SGR from encroaching further into, on, or above Nairobi National Park.

Signed, Edward Loosli
Chairman, The Wildlife Foundation”

2016-08-04 14:29:02 k p, English
This land is a must for the wildlife. There are too little safe, wild places as it is. These animals mean so much to so many. Please don’t contribute towards their extinction

2016-08-04 13:00:00 Jackie Arkle, Kenyan
Please keep us posted on results. Information has been slow with regards to the SGR and the proposed route around the Nairobi National Park.

2016-08-04 12:45:53 monica Rijkhoff, dutch
it is of incredible extra value and special to have this on Nairobi’s doorstep and a heritage worth protecting for future generations of Kenyan’s

2016-08-04 12:16:32 Eunice Robai, Kenyan
This is a good initiative

2016-08-04 11:30:55 Mrs Marjolijn Joosten, Dutch.
Stop handing your land over to the Chinese.

2016-08-04 11:10:08 angela kombe-johnson, British married to kenyan
“I always visit the NNP and it is Kenyan National importance and heritage. Its loss would be felt Internationally, it must be saved!”

2016-08-04 09:41:45 Anton Tschank, Austria
Keep it up !

2016-08-04 09:38:53 Trish Heather-Hayes, Kenyan
Who in their right sense starts building a railway without planning every step with care and consideration ???? LEAVE NAIROBI PARK ALONE !!!!!